WORST Bond & James Bond Movie Ever!!!

Hi folks,

If there was a lower score than 1, I would have Gladly picked that. What a WASTE of my money. This movie has passed beyond awful.

I thought after being totally disappointed in “Die Another Day” Bond movie … since they casted the Un-talented Halle Berry as Jinx and making her part of Bond Girl history … was bad enough … but I guess the Producers, Casting Agents, and Directors are either sleeping at the helm or they figured … all they have to do slap “007” in front a movie and whole bunch of idiots will rush to the movies and pay good money … well, from the “Positive” reviews I have read here I guess they have assumed correctly … because all of us rushed to the movies to see the Latest BOND Movie.

1) Daniel Craig … he is the WORST Bond ever casted … the guy DOES NOT look anything close to a Bond. He looks like a phony 007. He over-played his roles … what is the deal with the guy and his bottom lip … keep biting it or something to give him the “Sophisticated” Bond look … GOD, PLEASE … let this be his LAST FILM as BOND … he SUCKS!

2) This Bond movie stinked as a whole … there was hardly any suspense like the good old Bond movies used to have … also where the heck were the usual Bond Gadgetry … just a Stupid Tray popping out so he can use the needle to revive him … what gives!?!?!? , in the old times with less technology Bond had more State-of-the-Art stuff …

3) I am getting TIRED of “Judi Dench” as “M” … this woman looks and sounds less and less realistic as the “M” … OK, OK, so it sounds great with the Women Libs and all the other politically correct B.S. … but when is Hollywood going to stop making Movies and Theatre as their Pulpit for getting their agenda thru … please use other Crappy movies to do it with and LEAVE BOND movies alone … for God’s sake. ALSO, To director of this movie … how Sexy is it to start the movie by zooming in some Old Bra’s wrinkly and sagging Breasts … meaning “M” … Judi Dench … who wanted to get a glimpse of her cleavage … SICKENING .. I almost tossed my burrito on the head of the gal sitting in front of me in the Theatre.

I guess I better stop now … since I am running out of time.

Bottom of the Line …

A) Daniel Craig Got to Go! B) New “M” .. please. C) More suspense and Gadgetry for the next Bond.