why everybody is wrong and this is a really bad movie

OK, this is a rant. For perspective: I love movies/see everything in the theater/can enjoy almost all movies/love scifi. But I hated Interstellar! This movie makes nooo sense. Technoscience babble on Star Trek knows is makes no sense, Interstellar tries to make you belief it has a scientific bases, it does not! It rapes hearsay on about a dozen theories, but it’s like a five year old read Hawking and then explains it to a retarded dog! I’m not even gonna say spoilers ahead, because spoiling something inherently means ruining something good, no chance of that here! First of, apparently there was a world war, people many died… but somehow with a reduced world population there was still not enough food, so everybody had to become a farmer…. seriously? that alone is a crappy premise that makes no sense. Bcs it’s not like they are doing it manually! They have frigging robot harvesters. Also, no MRI scanners, but apparently we still harvest fossil fuels to keep 50 year old trucks going. There is a plague that kills crops….but apparently not tress/grass/bushes/ and other assorted plant life, just the edible ones. A dust bowl you say…. really bad production when in the shot the window still is full of dust, the wall boards 10 cm next to it are clean…. Also, in the car: masks on, in an old wooden rickety house, take them off… Man shows up at secret NASA base…oh what a coincidence, you used to be a NASA pilot , we’re your old buddies! By the way TOMORROW! we are launching our only rocket. You can pilot it bcs our crew has only done simulators where as you flew it…once….10 years ago…. WTF!?!? This crew and you will spend 10 years together on a mission, but we don’t need to do a medical check, psych profile OR even refresh our memory, just show up tomorrow dude! We launch into space, OK we need to dock with the big ship, switch to manual…uhhm, why would you do that????? Well we’ve been in technological dark ages for 50 years, but hey look we did happen to invent cryostasis! how convenient! We’re on a spaceship with limited room, but your cryochamber for some inexplicable reason has to go down into the floor , why? we’ll it looks cool of course! At this point we’re only like 45 minutes into the friggin thing! So I’ll speed up: Planets orbit a black hole, or only one does? where is the sun that is providing light, why doesn’t it get sucked in? It’s not OK to have the ship experience 7 years time delay, but the shuttle is OK. Big wave smashes shuttle on rocks, no damage! You were gone for 23 year, I didn’t think you were coming back, but instead of continuing the mission I decided to sit on my ass and watch the black hole. Frozen floating clouds. Homicidal Matt Damon. Robots that are absolutely ridiculous…. really really really ridiculous…like lost in space ORIGINAL TV did it better. Robots walk in way that is not possible, take 4 pieces of wood and find out for yourself. Nothing escapes a black hole, not even light, but we can send in the droid and it can send out a signal… Also, black hole does give of light apparently. Somehow girl’s part is bad acting both as a kid as well as an adult. CONSISTENCY AT LAST! We don’t have enough fuel to visit 2 planets, but now we do, so everything is OK. Many years time delay,wake up on space station. Go back to help new colony, also time delayed, don’t worry bcs we didn’t bother to send anybody else the the last 100 friggin years. BLLEERGGHHHHH

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