Wait !! There must something wrong with me !!

That was the exact sentiment I had after watching TDKR. I had been waiting for this movie ever since the first teaser trailer was released. To cut the long and short, I am writing down some first hand reactions I had while watching the movie and the reason I felt that there must be something wrong with me.

1. The great Bane introduction – I failed to see any character development for this character except for towering persona of Mr. Hardy. Well for that matter, it could have been Mr. Dwayne Johnson under the mask. Back to the character, what made Bane, a mercenary, so awe- inspiring that others were ready to die for his words ? Who/what made him an ideologue ? ( especially with the predictable twist at the end )

2. Our old friend Bruce Wayne – While his limp was rectified by some funky exo-skeleton apparatus, why was his character such a limp all throughout the 3 hours? 1. Letting a girl steal his precious stuff from right in front of his eyes 2. Wallowing over a dead girlfriend 3. Getting cheated by the same gal and getting beaten to pulp by his arch- enemy. 4. Same gal doing the disappearing act before Batman, for him only to manage a cheesy remark ” Now I know how it feels”. Really Mr. Batman is that all you can come up with ?? 5. Sleeping with you dead arch-enemy’s daughter? Woww ..Mr. Nolan might call TDKR having the theme “Pain”, I thought it resounded “Loser” better.

3. Butler-Wayne Bro-mance – Everything seen and understood about the importance of Alfred in Mr. Wayne’s life. But still I failed to see the entire melodrama of Alfred leaving his master, that too at the opportune moment of Mr. Wayne on the verge of losing everything.

4. Everything about Batman has been related to darkness. For me he is a person of the shadows. An ominous dark foreboding demeanor along his incessant internal struggles with his dark demons, everything pointed to a flawed yet enigmatic character that is Batman. I saw the darkness being stolen away from the dark knight. Beats me if I am the only person who saw it

5. The fusion reactor/bomb – Isn’t that what it boils down to ? Each time ?

6. Catwoman – In the Matrix movie, in the famous sub-way scene,a program tells Neo about “Karma” and the “purpose of existence”. It further added, programs without a purpose were being deleted. Selina a.k.a Catwoman was such a program in the movie. There was no reason, no purpose and no rationale for her existence within the movie, except for being a side kick.

7. To cut it short, one word for some important scenes – the whole autopilot episode on the bat plane – Cheesy, The end of movie twist – Utterly cheesy, reason for Bane’s mask – hilarious, the well-prison break scene – cliche,Blake or Gordon – One was definitely redundant, references to the Charles Dickens novel – superfluous, music – jarring and the movie ending – totally disappointing !!!

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