Very Ridiculous

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Maybe the worst.

First, the acting was horrendous. Evey (Natalie Portman) was a terrible lead character. She is never believable nor likable. Worse still than her acting is that you can never feel any sympathy for her situation. Hell, it must suck to have parents that were killed by your government, but after her trying to warn a pedophiliac bishop that a masked man was coming to kill him…I don’t know, I just stopped caring about her character. Then she falls in love with this verbose villain (haha using V words really makes this dramatic!).

V…ah our villain/savior V. Why is it that he looks like the Last Samurai merged with the Joker? Behind that silly mask he is really a “bulletproof idea”, this might explain how he gets shot multiple times manages to Zorro-chop the police and make it back to Evey in time for the ridiculous finale. Really, don’t waste your time.

Wait, did anyone find these two parts funny? 1) in the opening scenes V spouts off the most ridiculous V-word strung out 8th grade prose I have ever heard. Want to hear some silly poetry? Read Shel Silverstein….this at least doesn’t pretend to be for older audiences.

2) OK, so Evey has just spent some amount of time being tortured and brought to the supposed last moments of her life. When she finally confronts the person responsible, V, she is upset about her hair being cut off? HER HAIR (and oh yeah, and the torture too)! She was just reading stories on toilet paper ready to march off to her death…and her hair was her first concern?

The Benny-Hill type scene was uncomfortable to watch. I mistakenly believed this had to be the lowest point of the film. No, hold on for the domino scene.

Last, I will briefly comment on the plot. Is the villain really upset about the political situation or the fact that he was “burned” so badly? His life sucked, but to try to apply his misguided anger towards politics is weak at best. He is nothing more than a terrorist, with no plans set in place to make his world any better. Let’s destroy the Parliament! Let’s wreak havoc! Let’s make an empty movie!

And the political situation is reminiscent of the Bush regime, Nazis, and guess what, any other uncomfortable situation politics might involve. This is much like V being “my mother, my father, my brother, me.” Gag. This movie tries to hard to be deep and dramatic, and deliver a message. I think you should heed the message: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS MOVIE!

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