V is for profit machine

First of all I want to say that I had great expectations about that movie. Probably you would ask why.. It was not the flashy trailer. It was simply the Wachowski brothers. The directors and writers of the cult movie “The Matrix” which is by my opinion a diamond in the Hollywood industry. “V is for Vendetta” was awaited by many as the next big event in the action/comics genre. Instead we got an average action movie which could only be described as ridiculous. Okay I understand that the plot is not going to be realistic as we’re talking about a comics based movie here. The fact is that “V is for Vendetta” uses a very incompetent political model which appeals to be realistic and fairly possible.

If we dig up a little bit into the story of “V is for Vendetta” and see the main reasons why the dictator, Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt), came to power we could as well laugh. The reason is a vaccine.. that doesn’t sound quite reasonable does it?

In “V” we have a strange mixture of dictatorship and democracy. The majority of the people were presented as suppressed but somehow obedient. Although they knew who was responsible for their misery they didn’t react which is unlikely for people who have the feeling for living in a democratic society. In the end it took a hero to show them that they must act (very original indeed!). The idea of the movie was that even one man can change the way that people think and that is nothing revolutionary.

I find it funny and stupid at the same time that so many people were wearing masks at the end scence. What is “V” a mask tycoon or something?

At the end of my post I want to tell you my exact point of view about this movie. The Wachowski brothers sold their names for little profit. They shot a movie which was unambitious, boring and in the end just a sub-average action movie. They wanted to save money from FX and instead fill the time up with cheesy dialogue and a lot of drama in a pathetic attempt to throw at us a stolen idea. Stick to the action genre guys! The flashy trailer was promising … but it was all that this movie had to show to the hungry public. Where are all those movies which really deserve the grade 8.5?