V for Vendetta: Remembering the 5th of November

I saw this article on a site and it says it all.

Saw the film over the weekend and its total crap and apologetic justification for Islam. The film is set in the future where the koran is banned ( hip hip Hooray) ..

http://www.hinduvoice.co.uk/Issues/3/vendetta.htm V for Vendetta V for Vendetta is yet another appalling translation (or lost in translation) of an Alan Moore graphic novel. Don’t be fooled by the presence of some acting heavyweight or by the fact that it is written by the Wachowski Matrix Brothers. Weak plot, cheesy dialogues, Bollywood style fight choreography, unsuitable music, awful acting (yes even by John Hurt), lack of character development, bad lighting – I could go on; this film will disappoint no matter which angle you look at it from. If it’s of any measure, Alan Moore chose to completely dissociate himself from the film and even have his name taken off the credits after being horrified by the script.

Its 2020. The United States is the “world biggest leper colony”, the world is supposedly in turmoil and England is a totalitarian state led by an animated Tony Blair style dictator, Adam Sutler (John Hurt). The population is under curfew, a secret police (called the Fingerman (who look more like football hooligans) stalk the streets, television is filled with rabid propaganda dispensed by a news show host called Lewis Prothero (Roger Allam) and surprise surprise, Home County prisons have become concentration camps for dissenters.

In walks V, a Guy Fawkes mask-wearing vigilante with a not-so-original terrible past and a personal axe to grind. Armed with an incredible amount of verbiage, some knives and a beginners training in martial arts, he plans to save the day, all within a year. His plan – kill some top-members of the government, get everybody to wear the same Guy Fawkes mask and blow up stuff starting with the Old Bailey – democracy and freedom will be restored. The iconoclastic scenes that feature in the film, especially the destruction of the statue of the Goddess of Justice reminded me of the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas (by the Taliban in 2001). As Hindus, this glorification of iconoclasm should be doubly disturbing, in light of the thousand-year destruction of important Hindu temples, images and monuments.

The film displays a case of manic confusion on part of the filmmakers who show absolutely no understanding of either socio-political issues or of film-making. To begin with, the supposedly sinister and ruthless totalitarian state is reduced to a few cheesy cases of demagoguery and thug like behaviour by the authorities. Perhaps the writers need to read a bit about the erstwhile Soviet Union or even visit Bangladesh and witness the genocide of the Hindu minority to have some notion of what totalitarianism really is.

But the crimes of this film go far beyond moronic understanding of social and world affairs, deep into the world of film-making infringing on the very human rights of viewer to good entertainment by subjecting them to two hours of this mind numbing boredom. As far as the action goes, it seems choreographed more by somebody from Bollywood than by someone who has worked on the Matrix. Even the music, which may be good in itself, is completely unsuitable to film.

Overall I have been trying to scrounge at least one reason to suggest to the people to watch this film and he only one I have managed is that people should see this (maybe on a pirate DVD) to see how a film shouldn’t be made. In the end I would apologise to the viewers if this review seems a little dull or lacklustre but my mind was just too rattled after seeing this film to write any better. It is just that bad. The filmmaker seem to be in dire need of the concept of Dharma in his life to stir his imaginative and creative muscles; they might just come out with something like V for Vedanta instead of this “” for an Abomination.

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