Utterly disappointed

So, this was it, the culmination of a decade of Marvel movies preparing and leading up to this final showdown? Well, I could not be more disappointed.

Here is why:

  • Yes, the film brings together many different story lines. But it does so in pretty predictable ways. A few mildly funny scenes when the heroes of different movies meet for the first time. But that’s it. That’s about the only good thing I can say about the story.
  • Yes, CGI and FX are top notch. But as the story is pretty simple in itself until the end, that’s not saving the day.
  • The story in deed is very lame and to a large extend either predictable or stupid. There are quite some inconsistencies such as humans breathing on Titan, Thor talking in space and such. Not the ingredients of a fantastic climax movie.

A few examples (Spoilers!!!):

  • Thanos kills almost all Asgardians, but Thor. Thor proves he can survive and even talk in outer space, survive the fire of a star. Wow, really? Lame.
  • Thanos is so powerful, you wonder why he hasn’t collected all the stones a lot earlier. This now seems like a walk in the park, no real challenge. Anything dangerous coming, he could simply step through to another part of the universe, or he could use the Reality Stone and turn everything into soap bubbles. We he uses his powers only so scarcely? Well, otherwise the movie would be over in 10 minutes. All fights leave you wondering why Thanos is not using all his powers. Not convinving!
  • When the team on Titan has Thanos “at sleep”, they don’t even try to kill him, which, it seems, would have been the most reasonable thing to do. And then Peter Quill, just short of victory (removing the gauntlet), cannot stop talking and slapping him with his bare hands??? Seriously? Lame and stupid.
  • Wakanda, the nation with the most advanced technology, lines up foot soldiers for one to one combat against killer beasts? 18th century battle tactics in the 21st century? Seriously? Instead of using all the advanced technology (other than the shield) or even simple things such as machine guns or airplanes with bombs etc.? They are not even attacking the base ships where the beasts come from? Stupid, unconvincing and hence lame.
  • Vision, completely lame. Wasn’t he a very powerful fighter in Civil War? Now, he seems to be just a simple robot with a lamp on his head.
  • Thanos loved Gamora – honestly??? Wow, why on earth should he? Really not convincing.
  • The Soul Stone was so evasive and couldn’t be found for many millenia but then we simply fly to a planet closeby (suprise, suprise, we learn during the film that Gamora conveniently knows where the Soul Stone is (a hint which was obviously forgotten to be planted in an earlier movie)…) , meet your field guide Red Skull, then throw someone (you love) into the pit and that’s it? Nobody could have done that before? Not convincving…
  • Red Skull, completely lame. Why was he even in the movie? No role to play other than saying this is where he went after vanishing in Captain America?
  • But worst of all, Dr. Strange, destined to protect the Time Stone at all cost, just hands it over then (never using it BTW)? Well, I assume this is not the end of the story but who wants to wait a year ot two for the sequel film just to find out why this really unconvincing and unmotivated surrender is really a grand victory?
  • And finally, the death of so many figures, just flaking into non-existence? That’s what I call a complete and utterly disappointing anti-climax.

Never after a Marvel movie, reading “Thanos will return” on screen, did I think, “Better not, good riddance, and I’m most definitely not waiting for it”. This is not a weekly serial where one could tolerate such a deep cliffhanger. And if it is not a cliffhanger, then what? All really dead? And from now on only prequels?

What a great disappointment. 2 hours of FX and CGI fights with a few funny scenes mixed in. That’s all. No clever story anywhere in this movie, maybe later, but that’s not the basis for a rating of this movie. So much opportunity for great story telling, so many cool and deep characters, and then this uncreative and unmotivated piece with this disappointing cliffhanger. Ok, granted, it is most certainly not the end of the story and all will be smart and clever in the sequel. Maybe, but this here right now is mostly lame and stupid and far behind the possibilities.