Timeless, moving, and epic

Back in 1997, do I remember that year: Clinton bans cloning research, the unfortunate death of Princess Diana, the Marlins won the world series and a woman gave birth to septuplets. This was also the big year in the release of Titanic, one of the biggest films of all time: a tale about the ship of dreams, about a boy and a girl who fall in love but are torn apart by their social class and at the height of their emotional commitment the ship meets with disaster. I don’t think anybody could have expected Titanic to be as HUGE as it was, the movie was bigger than life and had millions of fans, 85% of them being teenage girls, I was 12 years old at the time, and of course saw the movie multiple times. It was the film that made me believe that the love that Jack and Rose shared was so real and beautiful. At the time I felt that Titanic could do no wrong, of course I grew up and didn’t watch the film since I was 14, a couple years ago I saw the film on DVD for 5.99 and figured that it was a good price and to see what I thought about the movie now. Was it worth the hype? Was it really the best movie of all time? Was that Leonardo’s real nose? OK, I know that’s silly to say, but I did re-watch the film. Being completely honest here, Titanic is a great movie, it delivered in romance, humor, disaster, emotions and took us on this incredible maiden voyage.

The film starts with Brock Lovett and his team exploring the wreck of the RMS Titanic, searching for a necklace set with a valuable blue diamond called the Heart of the Ocean. Unsuccessful, they instead discover a drawing of a young woman wearing the Heart of the Ocean, dated the day the Titanic sank. 101-year-old Rose Dawson Calvert learns of the drawing, and contacts Lovett to inform him she is the woman in the drawing. When asked if she knew the whereabouts of the necklace, Rose Calvert recalls her memories aboard the Titanic, revealing for the first time that she was Rose DeWitt Bukater. In 1912, the upper-class 17-year-old Rose boards the ship with her controlling fiance, Cal Hockley and her desperate for money mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater. Distraught and frustrated by her engagement, Rose attempts suicide by jumping from the stern. Before she leaps, a drifter and artist named Jack Dawson intervenes who convinces her not to jump. Jack and Rose strike up a tentative friendship as she thanks him for saving her life, and he shares stories of his adventures traveling and sketching; their bond deepens when they leave a first-class formal dinner of the wealthy for a much livelier gathering of dancing, music and beer in third-class. After revealing their love for each other and wish to leave together when the ship docks, they then witness the ship’s fatal collision with an iceberg and now must escape together.

So does Titanic live up to it’s hype? I still say that this is a great movie to watch, I think that there were and still are quite a few haters that for some reason just want to trash the movie because it had won a ton of awards and Leo Mania was born at the time. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please don’t let the haters bother you from watching this great movie. It has great acting, amazing effects, beautiful costumes, outstanding sets, a well-written story and still looks flawless. Love it or hate it, you have to admit this movie didn’t get a lot of hype just because of Leo’s baby face or Kate’s amazing ability to cry on sight, this film is something special. Otherwise I don’t think we’d still be talking about it so many years later. Kate and Leo had this amazing chemistry that in my opinion made it one of the greatest love stories of all time. Despite the story not being the most original with the rich girl loves poor boy plot, I think it worked extremely well because they fit so well together. James Cameron, the extreme perfectionist that he is, went over time and money budgets for Titanic, but this was his baby and it paid off very well. James had captured everything about Titanic and the sinking so well. He respectfully shows what terror the victims went through that night and made sure that this wasn’t just a love story but to remember those who lost their lives on the tragic voyage. He had every right in my opinion to scream “I’m king of the world!” at the Oscars, because this movie blew everyone out of the water(no pun intended), you know what? I’m going to admit it, I love Titanic, even past my teen years I absolutely adore this movie, it will always hold a special place in my heart, it has too since I saw this film 8 times in the theater when it was released. Remember one thing, be true to yourself, don’t follow the crowd, lovers or haters, if you go with the hype you’re always going to go crazy over a film before viewing it, then if you thought the film was just alright for some reason it comes off as the worst movie ever. I do recommend Titanic, it’s a great one and sure to go down in the classics one day.