time travel= relativity =space equilibrium= Nolan’s grand space masterpiece

chris Nolan a delivered another original story with with less special effects its more old school stuff with flight simulators done instead of geeen screens with space painted on the outside everything you see in this movie is real as your going to get so here starts the story of a farmer called cooper played by Matthew mconnaughey another Oscar performance who was a N.A.S.A pilot and his family he finds out that there is a problem with earth food sources and stumbles upon a plan to save earth and t leave earth for another world with his daughter he loves and his daughter tuned into other worldly scientific things that I wont explain you have to see this to understand the films relevance on finding a solution to the worlds problems there is a solution in here house were signs are there but I wont make sense until the end he has really turned the corner in his career what a Renascence

First of all, it is incredibly beautiful to watch. Honestly, it was so beautiful that I felt like I was sucked into the movie. The way Nolan decided to show some scenes really remind me of contact and parts of inception you see in this movie ca feel the talent of Christopher Nolan, just by looking at the way it is filmed. The techniques he used contribute to create that visual environment in a believable way.

The sound environment is just mesmerizing. It is a very important part of the movie, because some scenes take place in space, and Noland just found the right way to use sound. The soundtrack (made by the great Hans Zimmer) is breathtaking, epic, amazing, unreal. I could find a lot more adjectives to qualify it, but you have to hear it to understand how epic they are. you think how loud this film is you think you ware a astronaut

Matthew, In this movie… Well, he is the movie. he orchestrates this film that everybody else feeds of his power so much that everyone around him gets better. But Matthew is just what was needed to feel the human part of the story (which is very important in Interstellar). He is capable of making us feel so many different emotions all along the story, as a father, as a human. Anne Hathaway was very convincing, all together the actors managed to create some harmony, which makes the human interactions credible. Caine, Chastaing and Affleck are a perfect choice. And then there is… The special guest who is mischievous in a minor role , is actually much more important than that. He proves, once again, that he is a great actor. Watch and see. and a sarcastic computer really a bit bizarre in space but this computer does come in handy in a important scene

And finally, the scenario/story. I won’t spoil anything here; I’ll just try to convince you how great it is. Nolan is known to revolutionize everything when he tries a new genre in cinema. Well, once again he did it. With The Dark Knight he revolutionized the superhero genre. With Interstellar he’s revolutionizing the sci-fi genre in cinema. he worked with a physicist in gravitational physics and astrophysics to help him with this movie. And we can feel and see just as Spielberg did in the 80s Nolan is doing it now Today, Nolan is laying the new foundations of the genre in cinema, proving that cinema is still at the beginning of what can be done (brace yourselves my friends, we have not seen anything yet).

Why? Well, simply because we only know a few things about space, some things can’t be proved for the moment, so we can use theory, and make the best of it. That is exactly what Nolan did. He used theories that exist today, and made a movie about mankind, about pioneers, about humanity, about us.

whole journey that they thought was fraught with danger and the unknown as they have received messages from across time and space to realize that they had the answers after all it was just his daughter love to figure out what the lead scientist life work (Michael Caine) was about My rating for this movie can only be a 10,this film does not feel like 3hrs of moving space enthralling epic masterpiece with a beating heart of love and time and bending space time from a to b to meet his family across the universe This is the sci-fi movie of the decade, and probably the best movie Nolan ever made.if you like thinking about logic you might just come way thinking that this earth can be saved if we take what Nolan was taking about and not just taking the earth for granted Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night… Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light.”

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