This movie is now on the list of one of my most favorite movies

Reading through most of the reviews, people have graded it to what the movie deserved “a high rating”. Though some people refused to consider it a great movie, mostly because it lacked in originality and did not live up to its extremely high expectations. To be honest the movie really wasn’t revolutionary, it was just really good. Thus I still insist on giving it a good rating.

The movie followed the same concept as many previous movies, being that mankind is evil and are aggressive consumers of worlds. The movie kind of represents symbolism for both the indigenous people being forced out of their land (Like the Colonist/ Indian conflict). It also represents our war in the sense that our ambition is a war in desire of oil, or supply.

Indeed many movies in the past have based their meaning on these subjects, but what is wrong with repetition if the outcome is good? It is how the concepts are composed is what matters. And I believe that if any viewer of Avatar, will drop their boundaries; even a little, will like this movies. Granted the story did not consist of extremely deep meaning compared to the more popular and intellectual movies, but it still proved interesting. I must also add that some of the movies that critics claim Avatar to have stolen from I have not seen, thus I suppose their is an exception to have not liked this movie. Still I enjoyed the story and its’ characters.

Now as for the visuals, they were better than almost every movie I have seen, but not revolutionary. As I watched previews of this movie I noticed a blend between reality and animation, thus I had a high expectation of the movies’ visuals. Unfortunately throughout the movie it was pretty easy to tell when it was animation and when it was not. It was like the matrix in the sense that when Jake entered the alien world you knew it was not real. Perhaps if the Na’vi were not as colorful, and in bright colors, my opinion would be otherwise. Despite that the visuals were still great.

I must also point out that in this movie James Cameron has created an interesting and unique world, in which I compare to even Star Wars itself. The Na’vi are basically gargantuan humans with blue skin and elf ears, but still very cool to look at, even to be attracted too “cough” Neytiri. The creatures and even the futuristic technology expressed are simply amazing. So another great feature Avatar contains.

Critics of this story would argue against its simplicity as it is a well known concept in terms of a war between natives and conquerors, but it doesn’t mean the story was bad. Even if you argue that the main conflict lacked originality, James Cameron exposed other intriguing ideas, such as the transfer of ones mind to another body and even the metaphor between the internet and the planets forest. If you can not enjoy this movie, you are too critical and I recommend dropping your boundaries, for I assume you would dislike almost every movie, making your experience in modern entertainment rather dull, despite the exception I mentioned earlier. In truth this movie may not deserve a 10 maybe an 8 or 9, but I give it a 10 to counter those whom give it low ratings for almost ridiculous reasons.

I highly recommend seeing Avatar to all people and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.