This is not really a Bond movie

I am a big Bond fan, and this is the first one that I haven’t seen at the cinema since Diamonds are Forever in 1971. I saw the DVD yesterday and what a disappointment.

Firstly the good stuff, the locations are original, which is not easy when the franchise has been going round the world for 40+ years, and the photography is excellent ( the cranes against the ocean during the chase, the colours of the sites around lake como)and Judi Dench is always excellent….. and that’s pretty much it.

Now the list of moans Daniel Craig is not my idea of Bond, the publicity machine seems to have gone into overdrive about Mr Craig, but nobody that i know who has personally seen the film liked it or him. Craig at times looks more like a down and out rather than a suave agent. He was good in Layer Cake but has zero charisma in this The basic plot (Bond takes on financier for international terrorism) is a good start but has numerous stupid ideas that spoil it for example why would Bond break into M’s flat rather than just talk to her in her office? The chronology of the film is all wrong, it clearly shows it’s set in 2006 but disregards all his other background, for me this didn’t work. the film then drifts off into the overlong card game, with the ridiculous defibrillator scene The villain is rubbish – his “gadget” is an asthma inhaler! my mum could take him out and she’s 81! Bond is fooled by everyone, the women, the villain, the bloke who is meant to be helping him, he has to rescued by the bad guys! he gets beaten up loads as well and he gets tortured, and in an embarrassing way, Connery would have bitten through the ropes and killed the guy with the chair! The girls aren’t memorable enough some of the lines are pathetic, one is about “if all that was left of you was your hat(?) and your little finger”…..embarrassing. Personally I want to go to see escapist Bond, charming the ladies, killing the baddies, always being one step ahead, and always having something witty to say. If I wanted the so called depressing realism I’d look in the mirror. Bottom Line ( no pun intended after the reference to the torture scene)if you didn’t have Judi Dench in this, it could pass as just another Bourne/transporter/crank type of average action movie. This is a poor addition to the Bond series. Very disappointing.I hope that they ensure the people who wrote this, don’t have anything to do with the next one.