The biggest load of self absorbed nonsense and possibly the most stolen ideas in one movie

Quentin Tarantino has made some great movies, most of which are highly over rated. So this fits the bill perfectly, ho ho ho. Virtually every scene has the usual cheese soaked dialogue, the macho one liners, the stereotypical characters; including my favourite – the Japanese school girl assassin! Oh the sheer mundane, cheesy crap of it makes me want to hurl. I’m really not sure what Tarantino was on when he made this but it surely must have been hallucinogenic and must have caused brain damage. This movie sucked. The absolutely comic amount of severed limbs, heads and fountains of blood were like something out of a bad B movie horror from the mid 80s. Virtually every character has been lifted, no scratch that, STOLEN from anime movies. It’s like a bad kung fu movie – oh wait it IS a bad kung fu movie.

Do not watch this, it is a waste of your time. If you want to see a good Tarrantino movie do not look to this one, if you want to see a good anime movie do not go here, if you want to see a decent kung fu movie simply watch a Bruce Lee movie – since most of the ideas were blatantly taken from these things anyway.

Now onto the ‘quirky’ direction in Kill Bill. First off – anime mixed in with real actors is not a new idea so that’s one more idea that QT robbed. Then we get the oh so original ‘black and white’ moment where an entire fight scene, one which contained so many fountains of blood they should have been swimming at the end, suddenly losses colour then for no apparent reason comes back? I mean really Mr Tarantino what was the point? You used to make decent movies but frankly I think in this one you were just seeing how many dumb ideas you could put into a movie without people noticing. Do yourself a favour QT and go back to the drawing board. Mr Tarantino has proved himself far, far better than this and frankly it is a waste of a perfectly good budget to produce something this awful.

So why did I give it a 3 and not a 0? Well there were a few good moments, the plot was relatively interesting, the soundtrack went from great to annoying and, lets face it, you’ve got to give it a couple of points simply for the sheer amount of blood and violence for no reason other than the director had got a load of fake blood on the cheap.

If you like this movie you need your head examining since it is by far the worst movie I have seen all year.

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