slight of hand pick pocket instead of magic

big time spoiler alerts so go away if you haven’t seen the movie yet. or even if you have and enjoyed it. plot holes always ruin it for me. plot holes, like bad math. very simple math. if it doesn’t add up, its wrong. if the equation is long enough with more digits than able to easily keep track of, then the mistakes are more easily missed. this guy shammer the scammer is bad at math and is only good enough at slight of hand to pick your pocket and run away with your money. i love a good magic trick where i know I’m being fooled but i cant ever see how. but picking my pocket, i know you fooled me but only long enough for me to look the other way in trust you are entertaining me, not picking my pocket. Bruce dies, in the beginning, but we are not ‘officially’ told this until the supposedly twist ending, and then becomes a friend of a kid who sees dead people. but the red hearings we keep seeing to keep us from this twisted are misleading and in the end, i felt betrayed. the kids sees dead people, Bruce is dead. all the other dead people’s wounds can be seen, not Bruce’s. not until the end. misleading. all the scenes where the kid starts talking to Bruce, he is supposed to be interacting with the kid’s mom or others and such. its supposed to be cool that he isn’t really and we are not supposed to notice that. so in the end, we are only tricked into thinking this. but as the rest of the dead people are replaying out what was their life before they died or how they died. Bruce is on an unknown to him mission. very good idea if properly written into the movie. but what ruins it is the kid must know Bruce is dead and says nothing about it. all the rest of the dead people scare the crap out of this kid, but not dead Bruce. and then why does Bruce not realize no one else but the kid is answering him? the unknown mission is to save the second daughter from being poisoned to death by her mom. again, the kid is scared of the ghost girl first daughter while she leads him to the video she made of mom poisoning her. OK, cool, but why didn’t she run away instead? but that whole bit seemed so out of place with the rest of the movie even if you did know the twist. why not have the twist realized before this part and then realize that’s why Bruce is stuck haunting this kid to finish this mission. otherwise, how did Bruce and the kid really find out about Munchhausen mom? how is it not better to have a tighter better written script with the same twists?