Overrated and bloated

This movie was an underwhelming, chaotic blend of several different movies. I’m going to break down several of the different elements of the movie and why they either worked or really did not work. I’ll start with the villain:

Thanos, as a whole, is a pretty good villain. He is intimidating and the movie gave him a good script. The problem is that his powers are so freakin inconsistent. Guardians of the Galaxy already established just how powerful infinity stones are, but Infinity War seems to forget that. In the battle on Titan, Iron Man and about five others are able to hold Thanos down and nearly get his gauntlet off. At this point, Thanos has four infinity stones. Sorry, but there is no way they could restrain him at that point.

Infinity War also includes four other villains which the directors apparently felt had no need for an introduction. Collectively, they are called the Black Order (or dark order) and their names are never said so, I’ll give them nicknames. There is Noseless the Terrible(who is terrible), Avatar Lady with Horns (also terrible), Rock Dude (basically Korg but bigger with a goatee), and Guy with Pointy Axe. The only people who understand who the heck these characters are, are Marvel comic fans.

The biggest problem with Infinity War is the character developments and inconsistencies. I’ll describe the worst cases:

Star-Lord: When the first Guardians of the Galaxy came out, Star-Lord was a great character. Infinity War completely ruins him. He turns into a jealous jerk and an actual idiot. There are brief flashes of the old Star-Lord but mostly he is just a character that you despise. At one point during the battle on Titan (Thanos’s home planet), Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy have Thanos held down and they nearly remove his gauntlet (which makes no sense in the first place because at this point Thanos has four feakin infinity stones). As they are removing the glove from Thanos’s hand, Star-Lord finds out that Thanos killed Gamora earlier in the movie.
Star-Lord then starts punching him and this wakes him up from Mantis’s mind powers and this time he demolishes them before going on to destroy half the galaxy.

Vision: The development of Vision is also really, really bad. In Age of Ultron he is strong enough to wield Thor’s hammer but in Infinity War, he has developed and updated to the point that he never wins a single fight against anyone because it fits the plot.

Thor: So in Thor: Ragnarok it was established that Thor is the god of thunder and doesn’t need a hammer to be powerful. Then in Infinity War they completely forget this and make him get tossed around like a ragdoll. In fact, he never even uses his lightning abilities until he forges his new weapon. Did the directors forget about what got established in Ragnarok or did they just make Thor weak because once again it fits the plot and Marvel can get away with whatever the heck they want?

Scarlet Witch: Wow! Her character was inconsistent. One minute she is getting demolished by some dark order member and the next she is holding off Thanos (who has five infinity stones at this point) for an extended period of time. Once again her powers are only as powerful as the directors need them to be for any given scene.

Hulk: So apparently the Hulk is now scared to come out? Ahh, poor little guy. This is a terrible plot twist and really doesn’t make much sense.

Another thing that did not work about this movie was the sheer amount of characters. I was worried that it might be too many and it was. As a result, there were too many different subplots going on and they couldn’t even have one final battle. They had to have two climactic battles going on at one time and the result was a bloated mass of CGI filled action for the last forty-five minutes of the movie.

Now, I’ll discuss the action in the movie by rating each of the major battles with a brief description:

New York battle: 2/10 This battle was absolutely terrible. Noseless the Terrible comes in with the Rock Dude and tears up the city to take Doctor Strange away and nothing about the action is even slightly thrilling. The action in Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider was better than the action in this battle.

Wakanda battle: 8/10 This battle was actually pretty thrilling with great background music and some really cool action. The first half of this battle is a lot better than the second though. It also gets annoying because it’s only fed to you in short segments while flashing back to the battle on Titan or Thor forging his hammer-axe-thingy. Overall though, this battle was good and part of the reason that I give Infinity War a 6 and not something much lower.

Battle on Titan: 6/10 While, there is some good action in this battle, there are also a ton of inconsistencies revolving around Thanos and how powerful he is. Overall, I wasn’t super impressed.

I also need to discuss Thanos’s plan for a second. He wants to wipe out half of the universe’s population because the universe is overcrowded. Then he can finally rest. Did he think of the fact that the universe will repopulate again and all his hard work will be for nothing? I definitely prefer a storyline that involves the threat of total destruction of earth.

Finally, I am going to discuss the characters that are killed in the movie and why it makes Avengers 4 really predictable. So at the end of the movie, Thanos snaps his fingers with all the infinity stones and half of the universe is killed. Somehow by random selection, all the original avengers survive. The odds of that happening are 1 in 64 assuming Hawkeye survived the dreaded finger snap of Thanos or 1 in 32 if he died while having his epic gaming session with friends (guess he got bored of the whole avengers thing). The characters that die are almost all new characters like Black Panther, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, etc. Several of these characters already have planned sequels so we know they are going to come back when the original Avengers find a way to time travel and reverse everything. It’s just too predictable.

Overall, Infinity War was not a very good movie. I do not understand the hype. It was choppy, inconsistent, overcrowded and overall just not the great movie it’s cracked up to be. I would not recommend going to the theater for this one. I left feeling exhausted and tired of the MCU.