Numbing is the right word..

I don’t know what else to say about “Brokeback Mountain” except that it was a beautifully made and stunning epic of a film. This is one of those films that actually burns itself into your mind leaving you with a feeling of emptiness. Never have I seen a film like this…never. It was totally original and emotionally deep. Jack and Ennis whom first meet herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain fall in love with each other and end up having to deal with the emotional angst that results from it. The film is rich in life and emotion…never have I seen such passion and anger all rolled up into a 2 hour film like this. The acting is magnificent by all involved. And I must say that Heath Ledger was astounding as the closeted and emotionally tortured Ennis Del Mar. He totally owned the screen when he was on…the passion he showed for this part proves that he will go places and his career has only just begun. Jake Gyllenhaal was of course great as usual…I always knew he would go places ever since “Donnie Darko”. I felt so terrible for his character of Jack Twist because he was the one who was actually willing to change his life’s way to be with Ennis. But they could not be together and that was the killer. All they could get was “fishing trips” 3 times a year. Heath and Jake whom I respect for being so brave in displaying their roles have permanently earned a place of respect in my mind’s eyes. Michelle Williams was astounding as Alma…I knew she would go places since “Dawson’s Creek”. Well she surpasses it to the point of my jaw dropping to the floor. The scene in which she first sees Jack and Ennis kissing was perfectly acted. That shock on her face was pure cinematic genius. She was completely awesome and dominated the screen when she was on. Keep up the good work Michelle…you deserve the respect as well. Hell, even Anne Hathaway was good in her small little role. She reminded me so much of my aunts when I was a child growing up in Texas. The hair, make-up, etc. The entire cast was great and I couldn’t imagine any one else taking the parts. Ang Lee’s directing was epic. The cinematography was breathtaking and added to the richness of the film’s message. The screenplay was top notch and really hit me. When the film was over I was completely numbed by it. It’s so sad to actually think homosexuals were treated this way…even now a days its still pretty damn bad. Ennis’s haunting memory of the guy who was killed when he was a child perfectly summed up why Ennis was the way he was. The film was perfect…and I never give films a perfect score. But I will give it to this one because of its courage and breathtaking scenes of emotion and passion. Perhaps this is the film that will start a whole new way of thinking in this next generation. I certainly hope so because this world is in desperate need of reinvention. A round of applause for “Brokeback Mountain” and everyone involved in it. 10 out of 10…a perfect masterpiece of love and betrayal…and how crappy life’s ways can actually be.