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Hype can kill a movie, and I think the fanboys can’t handle the fact that this film isn’t the cinematic masterpiece it was made out to be. Therefore, they still give the film 10/10 because they can’t accept failure. I think this Avengers vs. TDKR crap has really riled them up (note, I am NOT an Avengers fanboy). Ever since the release of The Dark Knight, there have been a new legion of insane fanboys and they outnumber everyone. They are always right, we are wrong. But hey, TDKR is amazing because it’s supposed to be, right? Wrong.

Let’s discuss the film at hand. It’s called The Dark Knight Rises which is a stupid name for a movie. Let’s discuss how dumb this movie is.

  • John Blake randomly figures out Batman’s identity. So according to Blake’s logic, every orphan knows who Batman is. Give me a break.
  • The nuclear reactor changes into a bomb in a few minutes. Do some research, this is impossible. It’s also funny how it has a LED display. LOL.
  • So, Bruce Wayne falls in love with Selina Kyle after she steals his mother’s necklace, steals his car, and then sets him up against Bane which resulted in his back being broken. Explain, why does Bruce love/trust her after all that? It makes no sense. And why does Catwoman randomly change from bad to good? No explanation, which shows the laziness of the screenwriters.
  • The prison Bruce is sent to has a way to escape with no guards. What a weak plot device. You’d think Bane would leave some of his men there just to make sure nothing goes wrong. I mean, he obviously knows people can escape. And plus there is a rope Bruce throws down after he leaves. Couldn’t any average Joe just walk up there and throw the rope down? Come on Bane… I thought you were smarter than this!
  • How did Bruce make that jump with an injured knee? No explanation. Lazy screen writing.
  • If you do your research, you will learn that Bruce magically healing his back like that is impossible. More lazy screen writing.
  • Why did Talia wait so long to blow Gotham up? Why not do it right when Batman returns, right when the people regain hope? But she waits, and waits, and waits… also got to love her Razzie worthy death scene.
  • Funny how Batman stands around listening to Talia’s final speech when there is a bomb about to blow up the city!
  • Batman gets stabbed but he’s OK… because he’s Batman.
  • Uhm, why didn’t Batman use any gadgets against Bane in the first fight? Well, he used those lame firecrackers, but you’re telling me he doesn’t have anything better? Seriously.
  • Catwoman possesses the ability to magically appear wherever she needs to be. Kind of like the Joker. It’s a pretty cool super-power.
  • The writers couldn’t think of anything more original than a bomb timed to blow up a city? Like that hasn’t been used before. What a shame that this final film resorts to using so many cliches.
  • TDKR is a fat ripoff of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, which is a James Bond film. More lazy screen writing.
  • Uh, Bane and his minions magically get motorcycles after the Stock Exchange heist.
  • Day randomly changes to night.
  • Poorly choreographed fight scenes (Nolan is TERRIBLE at shooting action).
  • How about sending almost all of Gotham’s police force in the sewers to get Bane? Please explain to me what makes sense about that.

Yeah, this film is unrealistic garbage and is an insult to film lovers. If you like cliches, hectic pacing, plot holes, forced romances, cheesy dialogue, and lame action scenes, then this film is for you!

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