Isn’t it interesting…

I’ve seen this movie a dozen times or more since it came out back in 2005. Even as a teenager I saw in it what it was expressing, so I’d revisit the film from time to time for my own sake because there are some valuable things laced within it’s screenplay. It was sorta silly and sloppily put together I agree with some reviews but the thing for myself, the more I rewatched it….. the less I critiqued the little stuff the less I looked at it as a goofy messy film in spite of all its historical role play or Shakespeare’s lingo. The more I sat down and actually watched the film listened to the stories wrapped with stories within it….. the more I began to appreciate the entire film. The more I began to understand that this film has it all literally, it’s not trying to be something it’s not people. It’s trying to help us as the audience. It has the corruption the intrigue the murder the lies the way the people just idly stand by because they the people KNOW who’s fault it is that put them into this mess….. and you all think a typical answer *Oh well it’s the big bad government that has the citizens the people locked up and stripped of their individual rights blah blah blah*…… Nope I’m sorry if that’s all YOU see within this film than I guess it’s intricacies will be lost on you. The more I watched this film the more I had this glorious feeling, sure it’s got the scared heroine who gets freed from her own fears blah blah blah with the addition of the freedom fighter himself called V who is all mystic and bad ass. He carries the heart of the story while laced into the plots horrific past transgressions.

This film has one single reverberating stamp on it that not many choose to acknowledge or see upon only watching it once….. took me a few tries before it struck me….. this movie is a giant 2×4 hit to the face to the people, as in US! It is one that pleads with us you *KNOW* who’s “FAULT” it is that Its people and citizens are in this predicament now. The people, the country’s own citizens, they elected its government, they begged and cheered for its leadership to sit on the seat of power.

The ONLY one to blame for those in the seat of government power and social structure is none other than the *”PEOPLE”* themselves.

The film somewhat glosses over this Single but vital thought throughout it….. but it was not lost on me. They have it woven within the film so well that it is bound to be missed by those who are merely content to watch it at the surface and no further.

It’s a good film to revisit with all this government bs going on now in America. I could care less about Trump or Hilary what I am MORE concerned about is how passively desensitized to literally everything, all we care about is winning and making ourselves happily blissfully unaware and untroubled….. we can’t be bothered to actually live life. All we care about is the latest technology how fast it goes, material wealth, money and personal gain. It makes me sick to see as THE PEOPLE of this country how far we have sunk. As a whole this is the truth. You know it and I know it.

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