“In order for man to move forward, they must leave something behind”

-Plot- The year is unknown, but most likely close to present time. The Earth is running out of resources and a group of underground NASA workers seek the help of Engineer/Astronaut turned Farmer Mr. Cooper in taking a journey across the Galaxy and through a wormhole in hopes of a future for mankind on the other side.

That is the gist of the exposition of the plot. It’s mostly quite clear what this movie is about through previews. On paper this sounds like a typical sci-fi plot, but Chris Nolan executes it like never before. The movie seems to be getting more mixed reviews from critics compared to his other films, and I think I have an explanation. Nolan and his team had too much faith in it’s audience. The movie is full of science and dialogue strongly textured with physics theories. The talk of wormholes and Black holes are key to the movie. But I know that many will be left confused even with the explanations of what is going on to make everything in the film scientifically possible. After all, Physicist Kip Thorne was a consultant for the movie! I found it quite educational, interesting, but also over done at times. A good majority of people who watch this movie will be turned off by the abundance of scientific talk throughout the movie. I personally loved it and was never lost, but I could understand why many people were frustrated with the constant turns in the plot and overlong length.

I found this movie to be amazing. Sure, at times the dialogue was hard to even understand. There was a scene where a major character is dying, and as he speaks his last words, it’s almost impossible to decipher what is said. It was also almost unintentionally humorous. But that was a small price to pay and I’m sure the subtitles of the Blu Ray release will save that scene for me. The directing and cinematography are gorgeously done. The camera angles really bring the movie to life. Simple shots from the point of view of the rear of a truck or spaceship never looked so amazing. The visuals were undeniably beautiful whether the setting was in space, on the foreign planet or even the decaying Earth. The music of the film by Hans Zimmer deserves so much recognition! I will even say it was better than the score for Inception. It really increased the tension and pushed for emotional heartache in many parts of the film. There are many tense scenes that will have you holding on along with the characters in the movie and a good portion of this effect is due to the musical score! The acting was top class. Matthew M gave one of the greatest human performances in history as Mr. Cooper. I seriously think it was better than his Dallas Buyers Oscar Winning performance. I really hope he gets recognition for this. There are more than a few scenes that will make even the most cold hearted person feel like crying. He was just amazing. Anne Hathaway gave a stunning emotional performance as the flawed Bland. Jessica Chastain has a few strong moments as well. There is a scene regarding her character breaking down which will definitely make your eyes water. The supporting cast all do justice to the movie too, but Matthew and Jessica gave the best performances without a doubt.

In a way, this movie resembles Inception in certain areas. Inception had a hint of relativity in it with the time differences between the dreams, the real world and limbo. Interstellar adds to that with the inclusion of a planet in the other galaxy in which every hour is equal to 7 years outside of its atmosphere. In Inception, a central character is left behind and lost in the limbo world with its major difference of time. In Interstellar, a central character is left behind in the other galaxy to find a new home while the other leaves to help the current home adjust until then. In Inception, a central character is old for a moment in limbo at the end due to the difference in time relativity. In Interstellar, the time relativity affects the entire human race as the astronauts are in the other galaxy. In both movies, the main character has left behind children and longs to be reunited. Inceptions main character doesn’t want to see his children’s faces until they are truly reunited. But in Interstellar, he holds on to the image of their faces as a survival tactic. This movie is full of Christopher/Jonathan Nolan-isms.

Overall, I think that this movie should be seen in theaters on the big screen if you have the chance. It was a true experience. Be sure to be attentive and to clear your bladder first though. It will make you think. At times it might make you check your watch, but please endure and you will be treated to one of the most intriguing films of all time. Even if you think you didn’t like the film, there is no doubt that you will be thinking about the contents of the plot and beauty of the visuals long after the credits roll.

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