Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.. apparently

This movie is shockingly bad, especially compared with the other avengers films, and is the absolute worst Marvel movie ever made. Almost as bad as the Batman vs. Superman movie was for the DC universe.

Fair warning, this review is all spoilers – not that it really matters since you shouldn’t see the film anyway.

I saw the film today and I can’t help but conclude that the writers of this film were just lazy. For shame! I get that Infinity War is supposed to be the first part of a two-parter, so pretty much all the good guys had to die. But there are ways of making good guys lose without having them act like lobotomy patients throughout the whole story and literally die from stupidity every step of the way (oh, except for Spiderman who is inexplicably the only intelligent character in the story). In what ways were the good guys unbelievably dumb every step of the way, you ask? I’ll tell you. And then I’ll tell you what some better written alternatives could have been. This is just from memory, so there are probably more instances of bad writing that I’ve forgotten.

1. Loki gives up a stone to save Thor, even though it may be possible to resurrect him later and Loki knows half the universe will die as an eventual result.

2. Loki goes after the more-powerful-than-gods Thanos a moment later with a knife. An effing knife!

3. The first thing Dr. Strange does is as Ironman for help. Whaa?

4. Dr. Strange gets tangled up in weeds and faints, then to be carried off like a swooned and helpless fairytale maiden.

5. Gamora attacks Thanos first, by herself, even though she knows she alone holds the key to a stone.

6. Gamora gives up the final stone to relieve her sister from momentary torture, knowing that half of all life in the universe will die as a result.

7. Wakanda opens its forcefield, and the super-duper powerful lady stops guarding the last stone in order to fight.

8. Star Lord prevents the other good guys from removing the infinity stone holder from Thanos by deliberately saving Thanos from the mind control lady.

9. Ironman didn’t punch Star Lord’s lights out when he saw that he was getting ready to do something moronic.

10. Neither did Dr. Strange.

11. Thor stabs the Thanos through the chest with a super-axe (which was obviously stupid in the first place, but even then he has time to pull it back out and chop off the baddy’s head), and instead the baddy says “You should have gone for the head” and sucks himself into a portal to escape.

12. Last, and least important but still annoying, the Hulk is effectively impotent for no good reason.

Here are 3 Possible solutions off the top of my head that would have been less poorly written:

1. Dr. Strange is distracted by something even more important for the entire movie, so that the other heroes can die tragically, and in the second movie he stops being too busy and just rolls back time and undoes Thanos’ acquisition of the stones – also causing the heroes to not die.

2. Same thing, except Dr. Strange or his compatriot could have opened up and closed one of their portal thingies to snip off Thanos’ arm with the stones on it.

3. Thor could have died trying to make the super-axe, or he could have cut off Thanos’ head and someone else evil could quickly put on the stone-holding glove thing instead. Either way would have been an improvement.