Don’t believe the compliments…

frankly i have to say that i am a bit shocked here, many people are smart enough and wrote correctly about how this movie isn’t special at all, but those that are writing here that its a good movie, and giving it compliments i have to say only 2 things: 1. the are linked to the production company of the movie in someway and its their job to tell you’ll how “good” the movie is. 2. the others that are saying how good it is are just, lets say one of the two, not so smart if you’ll understand what i mean or they haven’t seen enough bond movies, or cannot compare and are just praising it cause they are easily entertained.

the movie itself isn’t a bad bond but here are some points that will help you’ll make up your mind: 1. Daniel Craig is to stiff, from the beginning until the end of the movie his face emotions barely change, usually he is just to serious, not matter the situation. 2. no gadgets at all! shocking for me cause i have seen all bond movies several times, no Q branch, no money-penny, nothing smart in the movie at all, and the replacement for it is violence. 3. also the most exotic locations look dull in this movie, i have no idea how they ruined it but they did, beside 1 or 2 places, all other locations you’ll just forget in no time. 4. to many commercials, this really made me angry, cars,lap tops,etc and every 2 minutes you see a cel phone, nothing is used with brain, just commercials. 5. plot is silly, usually bond saves the world, here you have a fight for a bit over a 100 million dollars, thats it, thats what the movie is about, nothing special, also poker game is not real, as a poker player i can tell you that it looks idiotic and also very long. 6. last part of the movie is a mess, you don’t understand clearly who is against who and what is going on, many new bad people “turn” up suddenly, people that were not mentioned all along the movie,looks like someone wanted to rap up things and go home.

conclusion: there are some nice parts in the movie, especially in the middle, but thats all, almost no laughing parts so don’t expect to much as a bond movie, as a action thriller it is okay i guess but there are many action thriller movies today and in the past that were much better.