Did you know that terrorists were the good guys?

If you’re a Che-Guevara-T-shirt-wearing moron, you’ll love this.

Living in the AGE OF THE IDIOT, i.e. the AGE OF Paris HILTON, if you like, nothing surprises me anymore. It doesn’t surprise me even that a comic-book (sorry, GRAPHIC NOVEL) is used to propagate deranged messages about the modern terrorist threat and the supposed “paranoia” that surrounds it. Not a novel, not a brilliant intellectual original screenplay ? but a comic-book. It’s yet more retarded stuff for the brainwashed MTV generation. Hello, 21st century! Bin Laden couldn’t have wished for a better propaganda film than this. He must be sitting somewhere in one of his caves in Pakistan/Aghanistan, thinking what fools those Hollywood morons are. Why should he and his wonderful freedom-fighters (according to this movie ? this is implied) even spend money and time on internet propaganda when Tinseltown is doing his dirty work for him.

The very idea that terrorists are noble freedom-fighters is not an old one: we know it from Marxist radicals. Nothing new there. It’s also nothing new that Hollywood has been in the hands of Leftists since the first film studios were established there. Nothing new are also the dozens of left-wing propaganda dramas and thrillers that Hollywood spits out every year, tirelessly trying to convert ALL of us to THEIR idiotic, extremist way of thinking, and their dubious “moral values”. (Hollywood, the world’s center of decadence – drugs and orgies being as common as the common cold ? wanting to preach “values”; this is truly hilarious.) However, even Hollywood’s cretins have “topped” themselves this time. This movie’s message is so immoral, so cretinous, based on so many falsehoods and lies ? ironical, since the movie accuses “the other side” (you know, Bush, Blair and other “evil rulers”) of those same things.

The makers of this film are Joel Silver ? a maker of retarded action movies, check out his filmography to see juts how intellectual his movies are, and the Wachowsky Brothers ? known for their incredibly muddled and dumb “Matrix” trilogy (fine, the first movie was admittedly good). These guys were such cowards that they didn’t even have the guts to set the story in New York, L.A. or somewhere else in the States. They knew that would have killed their movie. Play it safe and set it in London, hoping that most Americans will be too dumb to directly identify the anti-US stance so over-abundant in this crap-fest.

Style over substance, just like “Matrix”. But I’ve rarely seen SUCH a discrepancy between style and substance in a movie! Terrific photography and… (well, that’s about it). Weaving lends a good voice to “V”. Natalie Portman’s accent? Pretty bad. Acting? Bad, as always. Why do English actresses keep getting cast as Americans and vice versa, I’ll never understand. (Are they all trying to be future Meryl Streeps, doing silly, bad accents in hopes of getting 35 Oscars? Sad.) And check out that pathetic, over-idealistic, and VERY predictable ending: masses of masked Londoners taking a stand against the “evil” police. I could have laughed, but by then I just wanted this crap to end so I could finally rest my brain from this movie’s terrorist assault on my senses.

Normally I’d give even a left-wing movie a solid rating if it’s done skillfully. But a movie that sides with terrorism and defends demented radicals and psychopathic terrorists as misunderstood idealists, such as “V for V” is, leaves such a foul taste in my mouth that there is nothing left but to consider this one as one of the worst big-budget movies ever made, if nothing than because of its vile message masked as a “democratic” one. Since when were Leftists ever interested in democracy? It’s like MTV’s “Vote Or Die” campaign of 2004, which meant: “Vote for Democrats! We don’t want you to vote who YOU prefer, but who WE want you to vote for! Vote for Kerry or DIE! WE decide who you should vote for and how you ought to think!” Leftist arrogance and hypocrisy have never ceased to amaze me.

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