Decent, but definitely NOT a BOND movie

Let me try an analogy: you go to MacDonald and they have no burgers, they serve no fries, no Coke, they have no mustard or ketchup. In fact they only serve Vegan food, they are dressed in black and green uniforms and the sign in front of the building is a monkey!!! But they are very proud of their MacDonald store!!! Have the producers lost the plot? Do they and the many commentators on this site understand the notion of a “brand” or the “recipe” of a Bond movie? So many commentators here are making “intellectual” commentaries praising this movie and I would agree with quite a few of them IF this would be a generic action movie, but this is supposed to be a Bond movie. How can so many people miss this point? How about a remake of Romeo and Juliet without Romeo and Juliet, without any love story and I’ll name the movie Seinfeld? Maybe it would be a good movie, but not a Romeo and Juliet!!!! How about the totally politically correct, perfectly in tune with the UK policy these days, tone of the movie? They started a few movies ago when they appointed a woman for the role of M and now James Bond doesn’t flirt with women any more, he is not witty any more, he refuses random sex, he falls in love with the most banal woman in town, he cries like a girl, he crashes his Aston Martin like a beginner in about 30 seconds without being chased by anyone and he runs out of money???? James Bond broke? And people still insist that this movie is a Bond movie? What is this, mass brain washing? James Bond is a chauvinistic, flirtatious, macho, heterosexual man, a modern Don Juan combined with a modern D’Artagnan, with a great love for beautiful women (not blah women), for the best cars, for the best gadgets, that travels the world in the most exotic destinations without concern for money, he’s always dressed top notch, he likes the best things in life, best cigars, best drinks, he’s extremely quick and witty and flirtatious in his conversations etc. That is the James Bond that I and many like myself would love to see again and unfortunately, Daniel Craig is not him. Although a nice guy and an accomplished actor, he is not James Bond, he’s just too rough. Hugh Laurie would be a better Bond, Hugh Grant would be a better Bond and Clive Owen would probably be the best Bond of all times if only Barbara Brocolli would stop messing around and make great BOND movies again.