Boring Hollywood SOAP OPERA

I am wondering if the people who write “intertstellar” 10-star reviews are actually sane, or if they base their opinion on a movie library completely deprived of everything that is sci-fi. Basically if the sic-fi component – most of which does not really happen until the end – is removed from the plot the movie by and large is a classic Hollywood soap opera. The worn-out rag of cliche family relations, all- American-dad, “complicated” love affair, unruly and a classic tomboy-girl, co-workers (more like co-idiots) who rebel and despite all common sense act irrationally, you know, to “up the ante”… it really makes up 90% of this movie. Up until half- way trough I honestly considered walking away from this boring tragedy which is the lack of creative talent on the part of the script writers and director. There are also very obvious holes in the plot, and not just irregularities but direct contradictions that even the most obnoxious sic-fi movies at least try to amend somehow.

I can not help but think that after watching Automata which was a breath of fresh air in many regards, this movie is like walking into a small toilet where someone just took a huge dump. It is literally that bad. What saves this movie by the skin of its teeth is the ending. So just watch that instead, because until then you could have just as well been watching an episode of Santa Barbara.

Spolers about ridiculous plot holes (as if the soap part of the movie is not stressed enough): 1) The stupid Dust Bowl recycled. Seriously? I am not even going to try to explain this because I’d need to re-post have of Wikipedia here, but it does not work that way. Not in the past – not in the future. 2) The moment NASA abducts the main character and daughter and questions them. Seriously? Maybe they should also have shot them on sight? 3) NASA’s facility is top secret! Right… in the age supposedly after the present, when there are drones and google maps, they manage to hide a huge facility in some old James Bond villain fashion. 4) “LET’S GO TO ANOTHER GALAXY!”. OK if the movie shows a fairly conventional rocket, carrying a futuristic “shuttle”, WHY for the love of all holy would anyone risk going there – instead of looking in our own? What, they really expected to have better luck there – than in our own? They already searched the entire Milky Way? And what’s even better – it “just so happens” there is a planet like a stone’s throw away from the black hole and is NOT being consumed by it, and somehow a black hole which is now proved to be a collapsed star is anything BUT a collapsed star? Why… let’s just start diving down toilets, because you know, they are not full of s*** but are actual doorways to different dimensions! Like dimensions of dementia perhaps! 5) Saving the best for last – I did like the ending. Despite its absurdity I did like it. Almost cried – if I were a 14 year old girl with especially fragile psychology, but I digress. The “machine” that allows the main character to conviniently contact his daughter in the future- past, is built by… the very humanity he is trying to save, that survived, and built the machine in the future. Lord have mercy, I will try to explain this… So basically if we consider all major theories about time travel, in order to change the future one must go there and change it, right? But here the future changes the past, and that past is what changed the future with the help of the future that is changed in the past with the changed future’s help. Mind >>> blown!

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